Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whale Wars.

These idiots go out and try to stop Japanese whaling. They're just about effective as you and I are except you and I don't require millions of dollars a year to be completely ineffective. "Admiral" Paul Watson and his crew are the classic example of a Liberal undertaking which requires a ton of money, provides an outlet for useless, unemployable people to feel like they're "making a difference", and gives learjet liberals a venue for spending their money to assuage their guilt over the ways they got rich.

They forgot out-matched, out-witted, out-classed, and out-done. "Outraged"
 lmao. "Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh we're so angry!"


Evil_Klown said...

The most amazing thing about "Whale Wars" is that it's still on TV. Well, I guess if you can afford to boat up some hippies and sail around for years harassing whalers then you can afford to pay for the ads to put your propaganda on TV.

I guess when people donate to "Save the Whales," this is where their money goes ... it damn well isn't going to the whales.

ragweed said...

Didn't they want those who are willing to die for their cause. Let me know when one of them goes to Davey Jones locker.

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