Sunday, August 29, 2010

Us and them some more thoughts.

I found these videos on moonbattery but while watching them, I realized something awful. It's the lefties who are always preaching with moral superiority about protecting our environment. Personally, I'll be damned before I let people who treat the land like that tell me how to treat the environment. More and more I'm realizing that those who talk are not those who do.

Here's the video at the conclusion of  Glenn Beck's rally in D.C. If you look at the post earlier showing the number of people there, you'll realize that while it wasn't as big of a turnout as Obama's inauguration, it was still a substantial number of people.

And here's the video at the conclusion of Obama's inauguration. Not only is it disgusting but it's also reminiscent of communism in the former Soviet Union. Coincidence or is it that Liberals actually like living in those conditions?

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