Friday, August 27, 2010

Man invents machine to convert plastic back into oil.

He doesn't mention any byproduct of the procedure. That must mean there is no byproduct of the procedure. Unless, of course, you're a lib and expect the byproducts only to be jingle bells and puppy farts.


jules said...

This man is no genius. Doctor Emmett Brown discovered that he could fuel his time machine with garbage in the year 2015 but then went back to 1985 to warn Marty Mcfly of his future, thus bringing about the idea of converting garbage into to fuel in 1985. That's a full 25 years before some nerdy japanese guy supposedly came up with the idea.

Evil_Klown said...

Gee I wonder why nobody has thought of this before. I'll bet big oil is feeling a bit silly right about now ... looking sheepish ... dragging their big toes in the sand and so forth.

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