Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Government stealing your money - ha ha - so funny

Bold is mine:

So ... you know how the cops seize the money and assets of witches drug dealers and other "law breakers?" (So everybody keep quiet please)  Well, it turns out ... sit down now cuz you're going to be shocked ... it turns out that "The idea that the government can take someone's property on the legal fiction that property itself can be guilty of a crime is an invitation to corruption, and provides a way for the government to get its hands on private goods under a lower burden of proof than it needs to actually convict someone (criminal forfeiture, different from civil forfeiture, requires an actual conviction)."

Keep in mind they can nab your stuff without ever charging you with a crime -- they just might THREATEN to charge you if you don't give them your money/stuff.

So Indiana (and other states) decided to remove the "possible conflict of interest" by stipulating that this money would go to schools instead of cops. (In my mind this is just the other side of the "take it from witches" mindset ... i.e. the "we're giving it to DESERVING people/institutions (o everybody keep quiet please."

Given all of these ways around the law, how much forfeiture money is actually getting back to the school fund in Indiana?

Almost none. This weekend, the Indianapolis Star ran a front-page article looking at where all the forfeiture money is going. I'd like to link to it, but in an apparent effort to keep the paper as irrelevant as possible, the Star has lately adopted a policy of not putting its most important pieces online. But as it turns out, Indiana attorney Paul Ogden actually beat the paper to the story by several weeks. Last month, Ogden put up a post on his blog that came to many of the same conclusions the Star published this weekend. Here's what Ogden found:
  • Of Indiana's 92 counties, just five have paid any forfeiture money into the school fund over the last two years. Three of those made just one payment. One county made a single payment of $84.50. Only one county could arguably be seen as complying with the law: Wayne County made 18 payments totalling $38,835.56.
  • The total amount of forfeiture money paid into the account from all 92 Indiana counties over the two-year period was just $95,509.72.
  • To put that figure into perspective, Ogden notes that attorney Christopher Gambill—the private attorney who, as I noted in my article, handles civil forfeiture cases for three Indiana counties and argued the case for Putnam County to keep Anthony Smelley's money—made $113,145.67 in contingency fees off just a single forfeiture case.
Yes, they steal and steal and steal your money and nobody says a word.  Everything is fine ... just keep voting for the same people ... they have your best interests at heart.

I love it ... this is just another case where the government (geniuses in the ruling class) have assigned a witch label to a group of people and then it's open season on their wallets and their "stuff" -- YEE HAW!!

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WOMBAT said...

When you look at the Police with an unbiased eye, they're really just a gang. The difference between them and the typical definition of a gang is that they're forced to act like they're on our side. The truth is that they do the minimum amount of work to make it appear as though they're acting in the best interest of the public. Of course, there are some who actually live up to the standard of the ideal police officer but I only say that so that the ones who are better at the others at convincing themselves they're a "good cop" don't come after me along with all the others.

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