Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cotton pickin' Obama.

Everyone seems to be outraged over Rick Sanchez calling Obama "the cotton pickin' president" as seen in this video:

But really, it's nothing new for CNN or its associates as Julia Penn demonstrates:

And then there's CNN's Lou Dobbs who abruptly switches gears from very eloquently and intelligently describing the truth about racism in America and slams the shifter into the no-man's land of picking cotton:

In my world, saying someone's out of their cotton pickin' mind isn't racist at all. Maybe that's because my family and my ancestors actually picked cotton and know that it's a mind-numbingly boring, tedious, and physically difficult task that will drive you insane if you're not careful.

That said, I doubt anyone at CNN has ever picked cotton or knows anyone who has. Those people and people like them are so removed from actual diversity, they feel like it's their personal mission to make sure that everyone else is painfully aware of the problem with diversity in America and that you need them  to help you with it.

I learned about the first video from WAMK but it's all the buzz on the witch hunt internet. He also wryly points out the back-peddling and truth-twisting in the comments over at HuffPo. I happen to agree with many of the comments there but at the same time, those comments should apply to both sides of the aisle and they don't.

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jules said...

At least they didn't show video of the President eating Fried chicken and watermelon and washing it down with a 40oz. bottle of malt liquor in a brown paper bag, oh did that go to far.

What's the big deal, I mean I call him worse things at home.

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