Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bush did a better job than Obama.

The oil spill in the Gulf may be mostly out of the headlines now but Louisiana voters aren't getting any less mad at Barack Obama about his handling of it. Only 32% give Obama good marks for his actions in the aftermath of the spill, while 61% disapprove.

Louisianans are feeling more and more that George W. Bush's leadership on Katrina was better than Obama's on the spill. 54% think Bush did the superior job of helping the state through a crisis to 33% who pick Obama. That 21 point margin represents a widening since PPP asked the same question in June and found Bush ahead by a 15 point margin. Bush beats Obama 87-2 on that score with Republicans and 42-30 with independents, while Obama has just a 65-24 advantage with Democrats.
Obama has done a worse job than Bush in handling the crisis in the gulf so of course, the media is all over this story. That must be the case since they did nothing but talk about how awfully Bush did in the aftermath of Katrina, right? They seemed to love ripping him to shreds over his "failures" but when Obama does a far worse job, all we hear are signs of crickets.

They keep preaching about being fair and balanced but only when it's their people being criticized. It's no wonder they think FOX is biased- they think that being unbiased means to agree with them 100% of the time and not to give both sides of a story. This is the mainstream media in a nutshell- they cheer when the Right fails and cheer when the Left succeeds. Of course, this means we really only hear cheering when the Right fails or when they manage to distort the truth sufficiently to convince themselves the Left accomplishes even the smallest of tasks.

More of the article at public policy polling.

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