Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I love I Hate the Media.

From I Hate the Media:

You’ve probably seen the ad we ran to welcome Al Gore to the tony seaside community of Montecito, California. It’s gone viral and the traffic has already downed our server twice.
As expected, we’ve received a ton of hate mail, but none more hateful and incoherent than this one from a proud, liberal Montecito resident.
To: Editor
Montecito Resident
The town is making every sarcastic, insulting remark about your outfit from our offices to the restaurants. You’re a laughing joke!
1. No one “warmly” welcomes someone they despise.

2. Those who “hate” the media, would not contribute to it by paying for a full-page ad.

3. Why would you care about a so-called carbon footprint, when you obviously don’t believe there is such a thing as climate change?

4. Al Gore did not build this house. Why have you not attacked the person who designed it and built on grounds that use to be open space and supported views and wildlife? Why are you not angry with the people that owned it before Mr. Gore?

5. I live alone and have 4 TV’s, however, never is there more than one on at a time! You can have 17 fireplaces, but usually only one is on at a time, not six! That house has gas fireplaces – it will not be burning any forests. (Sorry you don’t have even one.)

6. Why have you not attacked Ivan Reitman, Stuart Whitman, Dennis Miller, Carole Burnett, Steve Martin, Oprah, John Cleese and Rob Rowe, Eric Schmidt of Google??????? I could go on and on.

7. Over 80% of houses with ocean views in Montecito have over an acre, a swimming pool and spa and multiple fireplaces, bedrooms and baths. Duh! You’ve obviously never stepped your carbon smutty foot in Montecito!

8. I’m sorry your hatred and envy of what you think you know, but don’t, is burning such a hot hole in your heart. I guess those who have nothing, and no power, will always blame others and resent their success.

P.S. You’ll have no money in the Bank of Karma at the end of your life either.
I'd like to respond to this stupidity point by point if I may.

  1. They do when they're being facetious, or as many morons on the internet would mistakenly argue, ironic.
  2. Those who hate the media clearly would contribute to it by paying for a full-page ad. This point is demonstrated by the fact that they did contribute to it by paying for a full-page ad.
  3. Climate Change might be a myth but people like Al Gore profiting from it is a painful reality. The particularly painful part is that he's going to be making a mint with OUR money and that's going to happen whether or not we believe in Climate Change.
  4. Probably because the person who built it, designed it or lived in it isn't busy preaching hypocritical mumbo jumbo against just such a dwelling.
  5. I guess the missed point is that fireplaces are virtually impossible to properly insulate and are known wasters of energy.
  6. Refer to response 4. Listen, if you're going to iterate your gripes, I'm going to iterate my reasonable, logical, and even-minded responses.
  7. So... just because everyone is doing it, that makes it alright? Duh. Also and again, those people aren't making themselves rich by preaching about energy conservation.
  8. To use your own words and argument from item 1, No one apologizes to someone they despise. Although Democrats universally crave power, not everyone does. For many of us, our lack of "power" only means that we're free to do as we please. You Democrats on the other hand, spend most of your time trying to gain power and the rest of it trying to prevent others from taking it away from you. Those of us who don't trifle in such frivolities are free to speak the truth without ever having to worry about jeopardizing "crucial alliances" with people that we would otherwise avoid. 
P.S. Karma is  not a bank and has nothing to do with money (or power for that matter) and since (unlike you), I believe in God and know that my life will never end.

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