Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shirley Sherrod - fine government servant

Did you know this racist piece of crap selfless government employee -- humble servant of the people, was busy suing your ass every time she could ... for as much as she could? Are you shocked? No?

It seems Shirley Sherrod was a co-founder of a minority group that filed a $1 BILLION law suit against the USDA. The largest lawsuit ever filed against the US government by a minority group. Her group settled for $13mil plus $300K for Mrs. Sherrod personally to be split with her husband. 

Tom Vilsak was Governor of IA at the time as well as the loser in the suit. Did he have a hidden agenda for firing Sherrod ...?

More here:

So now what is she up to?  She going to sue the guy that posted her racist remarks.  Only in America.

I wonder, are ALL liberals pieces of crap or just 99% of them?  By the way, I've heard other statements she has made and it is my opinion that she is a racist after all.  It's not surprising to me in the least that someone associated with the NAACP is a racist.

I searched for the entire video where she says she was "taken out of context" and the first place I found it was on the NAACP site. Once you go there, you can see the video but then a huge window pops up saying "sign up here to support Shirley Sherrod." LMAO - they won't let you watch it unless you sign up.

Well, if you want to bore yourself watching it go ahead (but find it somewhere other than the NAACP site) -- or you can take it from me, this lady is a liberal/racist piece of crap ... not to mention a person who is very happy making money suing the crap out of YOU -- AND taking your tax money in salary at the same time.

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