Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gather 'round everyone, we're hangin' a witch!

Excerpts, bold is mine.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is standing by its quick decision to oust a black Agriculture Department employee over racially tinged remarks at an NAACP banquet in Georgia, despite evidence that her remarks were misconstrued and growing calls for USDA to reconsider.

Shirley Sherrod, who until Tuesday was the Agriculture Department's director of rural development in Georgia, says the administration caved to political pressure by pushing her to resign for saying that she didn't give a white farmer as much help as she could have 24 years ago, when she worked for a nonprofit group.

"They called me twice," she told The Associated Press in an interview. "The last time they asked me to pull over to the side of the road and submit my resignation on my Blackberry, and that's what I did."

Sherrod said administration officials weren't interested in hearing her explanation. "It hurts me that they didn't even try to attempt to see what is happening here, they didn't care," she said. "I'm not a racist ... Anyone who knows me knows that I'm for fairness." The rest here:

LOL @ "But I'm not a witch sinner - I'm not a witch sinner."

Yes you are, Shirley.  You are a witch and they found you out.   You're just as much of a witch as most people are.  And now you will pay with your livelihood and your reputation ... oh, and good luck trying to find a decent job after this, it's over. 

This is what you get for being silent when others were losing their livelihoods from being called a witch.   I sure hope your children like to do with less.

This is what you get when you vote for politically correct geniuses incompetent boobs over and over.  Incompetent boobs who have been cowed into silence like everyone else for fear of being called a witch.

It's also what you get when you insist on funding the propaganda arm of the politically correct geniuses liberal media by purchasing the products they advertise.

I'm afraid we, as consumers, need to be a lot smarter about the way we spend our money.  We need to find ways to support media/websites which provide information that isn't, erm, INSANE.   Personally, I've never taken much time to determine which advertisers support which media.  That's going to change. In my view, this is a critical (yet overlooked) avenue available to us to effect change.

Yeah, I'm only one person.  I can't make a difference.  You're right, I should all just remain silent, remain  obedient, and accept my fate.

I wonder if there's a web site dedicated to this already.  I shall look into it and report back if I find anything of interest.

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"This is what you get for being silent when others were losing their livelihoods from being called a witch."


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