Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Naked peeper gets caught -- learns lesson against wishes of libs

Emilio Chavez - The dad who caught naked peeping tom outside his daughter's window.
Or, as the libs call him - "The Bad Guy"

An Albuquerque, New Mexico dad who found a naked prowler peering into his young daughter's room will face charges after seriously beating the peeping tom.

Police say Emilio Chavez III found 29-year-old Dylan Maho naked and making noises near a little girl's window when he chose to exact vigilante justice and beat Maho so badly he was taken to the hospital.

While both men could be convicted of felonies, Chavez could potentially get a longer sentence for what he did to the intruder. More here:

It seems to me that the founding fathers set up a jury system thinking "It will be impossible for idiot-lib lawyers to convince twelve regular citizens they ought to punish things that aren't crimes."

But the founders were wrong, weren't they.

They didn't realize that the drive the people have to be thought of as "smart" would lead them to do very stupid things ... i.e. be talked into convicting someone for this.

The lawyers will tell the jury "You MUST convict, if you find he broke the law."  Except for one thing ... they DON'T have to convict.  I think jurors sometimes forget why they are there. After all, if they MUST convict, then why have a jury?

It was probably this guy's first offense, right?  Sure, the libs are ALL about giving people second chances ... and third and fourth chances.  They don't mind if the guy comes back to your window.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first run-in the neighborhood has had with the peeping tom. 'They call him the nudist around here' Morang [a neighbor] told KOB.com. 'Apparently he's been looking in other peoples' windows.' 

If I were on this jury and found it to be true that this guy was naked outside the little girl's window then Emilio Chavez would walk like a recently cured paraplegic.

Something tells me he won't be going around Mr Chavez's house anytime soon.   That's right, despite what libs say, even "crazy" people can learn ... and 99% of the time they know the difference between right and wrong.

Hey, I love how the jourrrrrnalist puts a pic of the father in the story (as if the dad was the criminal) but somehow leaves out a pic of the naked peeper.  Yes, that sounds about right, doesn't it?

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