Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is it just me? Or is this a HUGE coinkydink?

Authorities in Union County, N.C. say the brother of country singer Randy Travis has been arrested after sheriff's deputies found a methamphetamine lab inside his home. More here:

Hmmmmm, meth lab?  Doesn't meth make people do crazy stuff ... like run around naked in public and just generally go ape?  And I'm not even mentioning all kinds of medical problems where the users end up in hospitals and asylums etc.

SHERMAN, Texas (AP) — Randy Travis pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated Thursday in a case that began last summer when the country music star crashed his Pontiac Trans Am while naked. More here:

The tape of a 911 caller who was shaken up after finding a naked Randy Travis lying in the road with no car in sight has been released. More here:
And the most recent:

The Grammy Award-winning singer was in good health until three weeks before he was hospitalized, when he contracted a viral upper respiratory infection, Gray said.

The viral illness led to a weakened heart muscle that eventually worsened into heart failure. More here:

Yes ... a "viral illness" Anyone else performing advanced mental calculations adding up two and two?  Or is that recognizing the obvious and making a connection "jumping to conclusions?"

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