Friday, June 28, 2013

Ha ha ... no ... really!

Once upon a time, the cure for hysteria was orgasm. Ye olde brain doctor would give female patients a diddle and presto, no more hysteria. (At least until tomorrow.) Now that the modern world has made pretty much all of us hysterical, it’s still common practice to use the sweet release of orgasm to achieve a sunnier outlook on life…and the people of the OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation community have taken that practice to a whole new level.

According to the OneTaste website, orgasmic meditation grew out of the idea that many modern humans (especially women) lead an orgasm deficient lifestyle: “Like Vitamin C, orgasm is a nutrient that has been missing from the standard human diet for centuries.” And orgasmic meditation is their way of fixing that, lest we should get scurvy of the soul.

To carry out this new agey spiritual practice, a woman lies on her back in a comfortable position and starts to meditate. Her designated stroker then fondles her clitoris for 15 minutes, helping her clear her mind and get her groove on…and then it’s over. So simple! So pure! So…awkward sounding! But if practitioners’ glowing faces (above) and testimonials are to be believed, it’s a clear road to transcendental bliss. More here:

Ok, then.

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