Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A little more on "Global warming."

There's this jackass ... Schneider. He's a HUGE supporter of "Global Warming." Oh yes. And he's a "scientist," you see. Thanks to wattsupwiththat.

And the libs are always with the "What? You don't believe in SCIENCE? Are you a DENIER?" You know, implying you must be a complete idiot cuz ... hey ... SCIENCE! 

Alas, this Schneider idiot isn't the only one who was peddling "global cooling" in the 70's and now peddles "global warming." I think the main offender is James Hansen.

Here's a little "newspaper" clip from the 70's. Isn't it just great how the media helps these assholes take your money.

Meanwhile, if they didn't get any money from the government, they'd be out of jobs. It's funny how they don't hesitate to sell you out so they can get grant money. After all, who cares about you? You are there to provide them with money ... and to sit there like sheep while they lecture you about the need to provide them with more money.

And while I'm at it, why are the solutions to global warming and global cooling the same?

The "scientists" all want you to get rid of your cars and stop burning fossil fuels. And why? Because it causes cooling of course ... or warming ... it doesn't matter what they tell you, just keep bleating.

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Dan Pangburn said...

Global warming ended more than a decade ago http://endofgw.blogspot.com/

Real science has discovered that natural climate change has been hiding in plain sight http://climatechange90.blogspot.com/2013/05/natural-climate-change-has-been.html

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