Friday, March 1, 2013

LOL @ "Ban on plastic bags causes more shoplifting"

Yes, that's the headline of this story:

A customer enters the Lake City Grocery Outlet. The store is struggling because of a significant increase in theft. The increase is blamed on Seattle's plastic bag ban and a concentration of inebriates and drug users in the neighborhood.

LOL - "... the ban on plastic and a concentration of inebriates and drug users ..."

My comment?  They left out "criminals."

When the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a ban on plastic bags and required businesses to charge a nickel for paper bags, city leaders believed it would be better all around.

I love it when some asshats with temporary power the government "requires" things.

"I think we've gotten to a place where it's really going to work for the environment, businesses and the community in general," Councilman Mike O'Brien said at the time.

I love how these jackasses toss the word "we" around.  Hey, councilman, I think "we've" gotten to a place where "we" need to punish tyrants ... ever thought about that?

But the bag ban is contributing to thousands of dollars in losses for at least one Seattle grocery store, and questions have been raised about the risk of food-borne illness from reusable bags that shoppers don't often wash. More here:

Don't worry, safety is never an issue unless the government wants to shove some rule down your throat.

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