Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Activist strikes blow for midgets

An average day at the grocery store for Rhode Island mom, Michelle Martinka, turned into a moment of activism when she noticed that Cains Pickles, a popular New England brand, produced a line called “Kosher Dill Midgets.”

Martinka is the mother of ten-month-old Adelaide, a little girl with a form of dwarfism known as Achondroplasia—and “midget” is a derogatory way of referencing those born with the condition.

No, let's just stop right there.  I doubt the usual use of the word "midget" was meant in a derogatory fashion.

However, if you've somehow decided you're a "victim" (and you're an idiot-lib) then it's only natural to try to find ways to "make a difference."   And for the completely uninspired, the usual answer is to walk around harrumphing and pretending you changed something by changing a word

In her email to TakePart, Martinka explains, "Although many people do not know, the m-word is derogatory, not just some innocuous word meaning small, as it was 50 years ago." More here:

Hey, Martinka, did you know your name contains the word "tink?"  Yes, and did you know the t-word is is derogatory? It turns out that many people do not know this.  Shall you be changing your name?  It's very hurtful to tinks.

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