Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yeah, ok ... very "innovative and fresh" ... standard fare for uninspired Harvard types

I was passing by the TV this morning when this image slapped me in the face.

And this was done why?  Why the kissing?  Comedy?  I don't know anybody over 10 years old who would think this was funny ... and I think the laughter from the ten-year-olds would just be "nervous laughter."

Also, why did NBC find it necessary to show it again on the Today Show?  Big news?  Ratings?  Gonna make them some "munay?"


After I posted the Leno pic this morning, I ran across this pic on the Drudge report in the afternoon.  So I'm assuming this happened this morning as well.   I would never watch that show but my wife watches it. Why? I'll never understand.

I mean, is this the new "thing" with libs now?  Can't you just hear the saying "Look, I'm not a racist ... AND, I'm so secure in my masculinity I can kiss a man right on the lips ... and it won't be the slightest bit gay." 

That's right, and later I'm going to raunch him in the fudgetunnel just to further prove I'm not gay ... "not that there's anything wrong with being gay. "

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