Monday, February 11, 2013

Ultra Ever Dry, I want some

The Ultra Ever Dry website lacks anything much in the way of information beyond pricing and availability (it's $96 for a quart of the top coat, $53/quart for the base). And, naturally, the components appear to be proprietary and the company offering it seems to be a distributor (so no immediate clues to how the substance works or opportunities to check out the patents.) More here

Here's some Q & A from their website: 

1. What is the working temperature range for Ultra-Ever Dry SE 7.6.110?
Answer: The working temperature range for the product is from -30°F to 300°F (-34°C to 149°C) once it has been applied. It has been effective at temperatures up to 500°F, but we would recommend further testing for any application that will see temperatures above 300°F (260°C). 

2. How long will Ultra-Ever Dry coating last? 
Answer: Environmental conditions will affect duration and these can vary. Abrasion is the leading cause of reduction in the superhydrophobic coating’s life. Under non-abrasive, static conditions, you should expect to see many years of outdoor service. Indoor applications will exceed that of outdoor applications. 

3. What materials will the Ultra-Every Dry adhere or bond to? 
Answer: Almost any material is a candidate for Ultra-Ever Dry application; steel, aluminum, other metals, plastic, leather, fabric, wood, concrete, etc. 

4. How abrasion-resistant is Ultra-Ever Dry SE 7.6.110? 
Answer: One of the breakthroughs for this product is its abrasion resistance. The proprietary material provides more abrasion resistance than previous superhydrophobic materials, registering a result of 110 on the Tabor Abrasion Method (ASTM D4060-10). If abrasion is a concern, testing is recommended. If the superhydrophobic coating is removed due to abrasion, it can be reapplied by re-spraying. 

5. Will the superhydrophobic coating still work if the top coat is greatly reduced due to abrasion? 
Answer: Yes. In many situations, the superhydrophobic nature of the material may be diminished but the remaining top coat and bottom coat still provide the functionality of keeping the coated material from getting wet, iced-up or corroding. This is application dependent. 

6. How many square feet or square meters can a gallon of Ultra-Ever Dry cover? 
Answer: A gallon of Ultra-Ever Dry will cover 150 – 180 square feet or 14 - 16 square meters.

And if you spray yourself with it and dive into a pool, is there any friction?  Or is it like you dived into an empty pool?

Note: at combined total $150 for a gallon, you'll get to coat about 150 square feet of stuff.  I went ahead and did the complicated math for you, that's a dollar per square foot (not counting labor.)  

The only problem is,  the stuff is "translucent white"  sooooooo, probably not going to work on windshields.

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