Friday, February 1, 2013

Politicians ... they MUST give money to their buddies

Ok, if you aren't familiar with this "story,"  this asshole, Menendez, is a Senator from New Jersey.  Here's the first three sentences from the "news report."  Notice they forget to mention he's a "Democratic."

You know WHY they don't mention he's a "Democratic."  It's because you're so stupid that you might think ALL Democratics are corrupt crapstains.  THAT'S right, Poindexter, that's just how STUPID the media think you are ... absolutely incapable of distinguishing between Democratics.  So they want to be sure to protect the Democratics ... because most Democratics are good at heart and only work to serve your best interests.

And to take advantage of your stupidity they are SURE to mention a corrupt politician's political party in the first sentence or two of an article ... IF the politician is a Republican.  You see, the jourrrrnalists know something you don't ... Republicans are evil ... they are only serving the interests of the rich. 

Anyway, what did the skid-mark do?  He tried to give money to his buddies.  And the thing is, this is all these politicians do anymore ... that's IT.  Find new things to tax so they can funnel the money.  And the funniest/most unusual part?  He's trying to help his buddy peel a FOREIGN government instead of our own ... how resourceful.  LMAO @ these "government contracts" ... nothing but a gravy train everywhere.

Sen. Bob Menendez used his influence to advocate for a Dominican Republic business deal that helped a longtime friend and donor whose South Florida office was raided by federal agents this week.

Menendez questioned Obama administration officials at a July hearing about what it was doing to help U.S. businesses that he felt were being unfairly treated by the government of the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries.

One company Menendez was apparently referring to: ICSSI, acquired the year before by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Palm Beach County eye doctor and friend. The firm was seeking to enforce a contract it had won to X-ray Dominican Republic port cargo, that could be worth $500 million to $1 billion over two decades. More here:

Ok, ok, he's stealing our money and giving it to his friends ... you got a problem with that?  No?  Ok, then what about this?

At the same time, the FBI is conducting a separate corruption probe of the doctor and his relationship with Menendez, including trips they took to the Dominican Republic.

The FBI began examining the two last year after the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington forwarded a batch of emails from a shadowy tipster who claimed Menendez and Melgen had hired underage prostitutes at the ophthalmologist’s Dominican home — charges both deny.

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