Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wow, this is sure to be all over the network news

Molena Nichole Dowell

BULLS GAP, Tenn. -An 86-year-old woman grabbed a gun in self-defense when police say an intruder broke into her home. News 5 sat down with this woman today and listened to her tell about the experience.
Louise Howard lives just off a busy highway in Bulls Gap.  

She told us she's been the victim of theft many times before, and she's had enough and it was time to take a stand.

"I told different people if I ever catch them, I mean to kill them," said Louise Howard.

Louise Howard may be 86 years old, but she isn't afraid to defend her home or her life.

On Friday afternoon she was forced to do that. Howard said a young woman broke the glass on her door and forced her way inside.

"I was in shock. I didn't know what she was going to do to me!" Howard said.

Howard immediately grabbed her gun, but the two started to struggle down the hall.

"I already had my gun in my hand, and I wouldn't turn it loose for anything," she explained.
Howard's hands are proof she wasn't letting go.

"She stuck a fingernail in there," said Howard. "She moved her hands sort of released me a bit. I moved over like that, and I was going to shoot her in the stomach, but she took her knee and hit my elbow."

The bullet ended up inside the wall where it still hides. More here:

And the Klown is left wondering why she didna shoot the robber on the way out?  These are questions not asked by jourrrrnalists.

The next day, investigators say Molena Nichole Dowell, 36, of Morristown, sold a ring belonging to Howard to a pawn shop in Morristown. That led officers to Dowell, who admitted to the crime.

Dowell was charged with Aggravated robbery, Burglary and Theft of Property over $500. She was grazed in the arm by that bullet that Howard fired during the struggle.

Howard says she’s happy to learn she’ll get her ring back, but hopes it’s not the only item returned.

“I want my gun back!” she emphasized. She hopes others will learn from her story.

OHHHHhhhhh, so THAT'S why she didn't shoot her on the way out.

By the way, have you heard about this story on the major networks?  No?  Gee, I wonder why, don't you?

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