Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look, a witch!!!

A young mother accused of sorcery was stripped naked, doused with petrol and burned alive in Papua New Guinea because she was allegedly a sorceress. 

The woman, named by The National newspaper as Kepari Leniata, 20, was reportedly tortured with a branding iron and tied up, splashed with fuel and set alight on a pile of rubbish topped with car tyres.

According to the rival Post-Courier newspaper she was torched by villagers who claimed she killed a six-year-old boy through sorcery, with police outnumbered by onlookers and unable to intervene. More here:

Torched by villagers?  Hmmmm. Don't you mean "torched by ignorant bleating sheep?" Ever notice how "certain" the ignorant bleating sheep are?  

Oh yes, always so certain of themselves.  So certain, in fact, that they can steal your liberty/life/property make decisions that impact peaceful people .. for their own good, of course, or the good of the community ... according to THEIR definition of "good."

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