Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In my government schools, they told me I was free

SEATTLE (AP) - An effort is building in Congress to change U.S. marijuana laws, including moves to legalize the industrial production of hemp and establish a hefty federal pot tax.


POT CAUSES IRREPARABLE HARM TO OUR COMMUNITIES!!  Wait, what did you say?  We can generate a slush fund?  More money for the government to distribute to our  buddies?  Wellllll then, why didn't you SAY so?

But they won't say "slush fund."  What do you think they will say?  I predict they'll sell it like they do all new taxes ... "for schools, libraries, roads."  Ever hear that one before?  Baaaaaa - bleat.

While passage this year could be a longshot, lawmakers from both parties have been quietly working on several bills, the first of which Democratic Reps. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Jared Polis of Colorado plan to introduce Tuesday, Blumenauer told The Associated Press.

Polis' measure would regulate marijuana the way the federal government handles alcohol: In states that legalize pot, growers would have to obtain a federal permit.

"Regulate marijuana."  That means they get to create an ENTIRE dept of asshats whose job it would be to go around and find ways to enlarge the slush fund fine people.  They get to fill all those cushy jobs with their friends.  Oh joy!

Oversight of marijuana would be removed from the Drug Enforcement Administration and given to the newly renamed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms, and it would remain illegal to bring marijuana from a state where it's legal to one where it isn't. More here:
LMAO - the "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms."  Why don't they just name it the "Bureau of Enlarging the Slush Fund Taxing Witches" and get it over with?  I mean, how many more things are they going to add?

It's funny too, because no matter how much the government makes, they spend it all ... and more besides.

Know what else is funny?  How you saw the pic at the top and didn't even register ... this a group of supposedly "free" adults ... begging the government to let them smoke pot ... literally BEGGING to pay the bribe money.  How's "freedom" taste, asshats?

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