Monday, January 28, 2013

Smartwater, it's not just for libs anymore

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – As a mist showers down onto a man from a spigot on the ceiling, some might think it’s a shower, but it’s not. It’s SmartWater.

You could call it a crime fighting spray. Under a special light, you’ll see why. It leaves a harmless chemical staining the skin and clothes, explains SmartWater Founder Philip Cleary.

The spray is similar to DNA – in that it’s unique to each customer ...

For home use, SmartWater can be sprayed on to your property. If someone takes it and tries to sell it; it will be marked with spray that links it back to you.

“I think you just put a dab somewhere inconspicuously, now my [property] is marked with the smart water, it’s got my code on it. If they show up at a pawn shop, now it’s traceable.” More here:

Well, that sounds promising.  But I can't help wondering if he may not have a trademark issue.

That's right, if it says you'll be smart for buying/consuming it, then hurry up and buy it.  Plus, all the beautiful people are buying it, right?  I mean, just look at this pic for proof.  What are you waiting for ... are you some kind of idiot?

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