Friday, January 4, 2013

Shitty Hook uses Sandy Hook as excuse to steal your freedom

Lawmakers in Connecticut – still stunned from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – are moving forward with legislation that could make public the names and addresses of 170,000 handgun permit holders in the state.

The measure, introduced by state Rep. Stephen Dargan, is the latest effort to clamp down on guns in Connecticut. If passed, the bill would reverse a 20-year decision by state lawmakers to keep the personal information confidential. The legislation would make the information fair game under the state’s Freedom of Information Act. More here

"Freedom of Information Act - (FOIA) ... right.  See how it works?  First the state decides that you MUST provide it with "information."  Then the state is "forced" to release it under the "freedom of information" act.  Oh yes, that sounds EXACTLY like what was intended with the FOIA.

That's right, because politicians states don't like "freedom of information" acts ... and since you force them to be transparent, then they're going to punish you by using the act for which is was never intended ... but "oops" it turns out that laws never cover all points perfectly ... so certain crapstains will use that against you.

Now, combine that with the fact that this idiot thinks nobody will say anything about it because, "hey, everyone knows that gun owners are witches ... so let's just start publishing their information ... it's not like we're burning them at the stake .... NOoooo, perish the thought, we're more modern than that."

And this jackass thinks he's working for the public good.  He thinks it's perfectly acceptable to steal your freedom ... and if he can't steal it he's going to make it as tough on you as possible ... you know ... if you get uppity and insist on acting as if you're actually a free person.

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