Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey, don't QUESTION the liberals ... relax, the media will tell you what to think

Fans are up in arms about Beyoncegate, but the singer “didn’t think there was anything wrong” with lip-synching the national anthem at the presidential inauguration Monday, US Weekly reports.

 “She did sing,” the source insists. “She just used a track." More here:

Yes, you got that logic, didn't you, sheep?  Good, now go back to chewing your cud ... don't EVER question the liberals ... ever.

But don't worry, if you somehow forget that advice and begin to question a liberal, the media will be there, telling you what and how to think.  And no wonder it's so easy to convince you ... with logic such as "she DID sing, she just used a track."

That aside, what do you think of a superstar who decides to lip synch instead of taking a chance the performance might not be "perfect?"

Think about that whole mindset. It's their ego.

Of course, they present it as if they respect YOU ... "I didn't want to make a mistake and ruin it for YOU.  Because, you idiots don't think I'm human.  You simply wouldn't understand if I actually made a mistake singing in freezing weather ... you simply aren't smart enough or worldly enough to understand ... so I spared you by lip synching."

Yes, what a pantload.  But should you really be surprised?  The media tells you who you will like (who is cool) and from whom you will buy music so don't worry about this little lie ... idiot.

The only thing I'm left wondering about is when they're going to make these divas start jumping around like jumping beans while they're singing.  What?  Don't question it, it's the most natural thing in the world.  Just look.

I think one of the rules is you can't jump in time to the music either ... it has to be out of time to be super cool.  It's funny you know ... because, before the media told us they were cool, we USED to call them "flailing retards."


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WOMBAT said...

Liblogic 101 "She did sing. She just used a track."
i.e. she used a recording
i.e. she did *not* sing
How do these people make it through the day?

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