Thursday, December 6, 2012

The government decides to reign in spending

Found the graph here:

A proposed online sales tax has been offered as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, much to the ire of opponents.

The Computer and Communications Industry Association, a group that opposes this move, says that an online sales tax will burden small businesses, “some of the most promising candidates for future economic growth.” More here:

Ha ha, just kidding. In actuality, all the government ever thinks about is how to extract money from the people ... that's it.  Is there ANYTHING they don't tax anymore (at some level of production?)  

Did our founding fathers tax everything in sight?  Answer: No.

Does our present government ever pass laws that expand our freedom?  Answer: No.

Do they ever pass laws that truly limit their ability to squander money? Answer: No.

Have they even passed a simple budget in the last 3-4 years?  Answer: No.

I draw your attention to the graph above ... which shows the ever-increasing amount of money the government steals from us ... and yet, it's never enough, is it? They take more and more and more but it's still not enough.  And since you don't give them "enough," they decide to go ahead and borrow more.  That's right, they're putting you on the hook for that money.  And what are they doing with it? They're giving it to their buddies/donors.

And after they spend all those trillions, what do they say?  All of a sudden we need money for "infrastructure."  LMAO.

And now what ... they're holding the people hostage on "The Fiscal Cliff."

And busy blaming each other if we "go over the cliff."  And the sheep are buying every word.  Idiots.

Meanwhile, the fiscal cliff just means everyone's taxes go back to where they were before Bush decreased the tax rates on everyone. 


Hey, asshats ... what about the debt? What about printing more and more money out of thin air?  What about keeping interest rates artificially low?  What happens to our currency and housing values when you can no longer contain that little "problem?"  What about THAT CLIFF?  You gd idiots.

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