Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The geniuses who teach your kids every day

Boca Ciega, Florida -- A chemistry project caused a big problem at Pinellas' Seminole High School Tuesday morning.

Oh yes, "big problem."  And what was the cause?

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says students were given an assignment to bring in a substance from the Periodic Table of Elements.

One student brought in mercury -- contained within a thermometer -- and the school went into lockdown.
Deputies say the thermometer was discovered as the substances were checked before going through the school.

"Went into lockdown."  And why would they do that?  Oh, right ... to avoid the lawyers suing us them.  Cracks me up though ... "Omg, he's got a thermometer ... quick, everyone shit their pants.  Hey, I don't smell anything coming from you buddy (grunt groan)... mmmmm hhmmmm ... that's better."

No one was put in harm's way, but a hazmat crew was there as a precaution. 

A hazmat crew ... LMAO.  Probably free to have a "hazmat crew" right?  The funniest part?  Any self respecting "hazmat crew" would laugh if you said "come quick ... thermometer."  But not these guys ... "oh no, we done got ourselfs a deadly serious situation here."

Pinellas County Schools tell 10 News the students were told not to bring certain toxic elements from the periodic table, mercury included. From here:

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