Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here's what FINALLY happens when politicians refuse to leave people alone

(Reuters) - Egyptian police battled thousands of protesters outside President Mohamed Mursi's palace in Cairo on Tuesday, prompting the Islamist leader to leave the building, presidency sources said.

The headline read "Morsi flees palace."
Officers fired teargas at up to 10,000 demonstrators angered by Mursi's drive to hold a referendum on a new constitution on December 15. Some broke through police lines around his palace and protested next to the perimeter wall.

The crowds had gathered nearby in what organizers had dubbed "last warning" protests against Mursi, who infuriated opponents with a November 22 decree that expanded his powers. "The people want the downfall of the regime," the demonstrators chanted.

Yes, last week he was busy granting himself all kinds of dictatorial power (for the good of the people, of course) and this week they're holding "Last Warning Protests" ... hmmmm, what does that mean? 

It means they're going to hold him accountable if he keeps stealing their freedom.

See, and this is what libs/dictators NEVER understand.  Their sycophants in the press tell them it's only a few malcontents.  The press encourages the dictators ... telling them how great they are ... telling them to disregard the "few malcontents ... the minority"

And so the dictator presses on ... for the good of the country.  Sic Semper Tyrannis.

I mean, even IF "the majority" wanted a dictatorship, is that justification for enslaving the minority to their whims?

Eample 1: "Women must wear burkas."
Example 2: "The majority says slavery is ok so it is now legal."

I could go on and on.  And THIS is why our founding fathers went out of their way to ensure that the "majority" could not steal our liberty by having a vote.

This is why they worked so VERY hard to limit the power of our federal government and to promote competition between the states instead of centralizing power in the federal government.

"The president left the palace," a presidential source, who declined to be named, told Reuters. A security source at the presidency also said the president had departed.

Mursi ignited a storm of unrest in his bid to prevent a judiciary still packed with appointees of ousted predecessor Hosni Mubarak from derailing a troubled political transition.

See what I mean?

The Press: "He tried to prevent the judges from derailing a troubled political transition."  

The Klown: "The judges are trying to stop him from seizing the freedom of the people."

Because, all tyrants know how pesky a judge can be when you're busy trying to take ALL the power for yourself.

Facing the gravest crisis of his six-month-old tenure, the Islamist president has shown no sign of buckling under pressure.

No sign of buckling ... except for fleeing the palace, of course.  This is why most of them are killed ... it's the whole "no buckling" thing when they're trying to steal your freedom.

Riot police at the palace faced off against activists chanting "leave, leave" and holding Egyptian flags with "no to the constitution" written on them. Protesters had assembled near mosques in northern Cairo before marching towards the palace.

Again, libs/dictators are incapable of understanding simple phrases like "leave, leave."  For these reasons, these people are often dragged from their palaces and summarily killed ... all the while wondering "why" ... "why won't the people let me steal their liberty for their own good?"

Truly, as all idiot-liberals, they are mystified to the end ... to their last gurgling utterance.

"Our marches are against tyranny and the void constitutional decree and we won't retract our position until our demands are met," said Hussein Abdel Ghany, a spokesman for an opposition coalition of liberal, leftist and other disparate factions. More here:

"Marches against tyranny" ... I like the sounds of that.  

And finally ... LOL @ the press calling the protestors "liberals and leftists."  I ask you, since WHEN are liberals and leftists so interested in liberty?

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