Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why, there oughta be a law

Authorities in New York have detained a Spirit Airlines passenger, who allegedly made a threat as a flight was preparing to leave Monday.

Spirit Airlines Flight 197 was preparing to depart New York City's LaGuardia Airport for Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Monday morning when "a customer would not comply with instructions to turn off his cell phone and made a threat to the flight crew," according to an airline spokesperson.

Well, in his defense, I'd have to ask some pertinent questions.
1 - Has he ever been on an airplane before?
2 - Has he ever gotten online in his life?
3 - Has he ever read a newspaper or watched the news on TV?

Because if the answers to those questions is "No" then I understand and I think he should be given another chance.  If, however the answer is "Yes" to one or more, then I'd have to say he needs to be banned from American mass transit in general ... see, because he's just a braying, self-important jackass.

The customer was removed from the aircraft and the local port authority police and the TSA are handling the situation, the spokesperson said in a statement. While nothing was found in the search of the suspect or his bag, he is being questioned and may be charged for making a threat, according to WNBC's Jonathan Dienst.

As a precaution, passengers were rescreened and bags were rechecked, NBCNewYork.com reported.

Oh, everyone had to be "reescreened."  But OF COURSE, I mean, what ELSE do we have to do anyway ... except have our time wasted by a self-important jackass?  Right?

There were 145 passengers and five crew members aboard the plane, according to the local port authority press office. More here:

145 people inconvenienced because super-asshat didn't want to get off his cell phone.  And of course the airlines won't let you carry an axe (especially  a head-axe) so you can't just off and hit the jackass in the face with an axe ... which is the first thing to leap to my mind in cases such as this.

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