Friday, November 9, 2012

Why do we have a constitution?

George Washington at Constitutional Convention of 1787, signing of U.S. Constitution.
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I shall answer the question below, not from some "intellectual" standpoint, but instead from my point of view. You can judge for yourself whether it makes any sense.


The founders and framers were very well-read men ... very familiar with the history of governments in general ... very familiar with both old and new philosophy as it relates to the freedom of men.  

In view of this knowledge, they undertook to write a basic law to govern all future laws and to LIMIT THE POWER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

By doing that, they also limit the power of "the majority."

But Klown, why?  Don't we have majority rule?

Well, we're not supposed to.  In fact, the framers were well aware of what happened (and will always happen) when you get "majority rule" so they went to GREAT lengths to prevent it.

Think about it ... do you think that 51% of the people should RULE OVER the other 49%?

We have a pretty generous immigration policy in this country ... how would you feel if the 51% were Muslim? See, the Muslims don't want to be "ruled over" by Christians but they have no problem or hesitation whatsoever doing the reverse.  

From my viewpoint, I don't want to be "ruled over" by people who think they know better than me.  I don't care how "smart" you are ... or if you consider the 'science to be settled" ... if I want your opinion, I'll ask for it, otherwise, keep your genius to yourself and keep your hand out of my pocket, mmmmkay?

And it doesn't stop with religion either, I just used that as an example ... to show you that the framers KNEW things could change majority-wise ... and it's never a good thing for individual liberty to have a simple majority "ruling" over the minority ... unless you're interested in the possibility of becoming a slave.

They figured to give the states and the people most of the power ... so that states could compete with each other in giving people their liberty.  But the federal government was supposed to be innocuous and have VERY limited powers ... each of which the framers painstakingly "enumerated" ... so that even morons could capisky it.

This way, people could be free to move among the states if some jackass outlawed salt despots and tyrants started ordering people around ... and collecting too much of their hard-earned curp money (for your own good, of course.)

Yet some people (mostly Democratics) want to justify their tyranny with:
"It's constitutional under the commerce clause."
"It's constitutional under the necessary and proper clause."
"It's constitutional under the general welfare clause."

To which I respond, "Oh really, you think the intention of the founders/framers was that government can do anything it damn well pleases just because of a couple of sentences in the constitution?  

If that's the case then why did the framers bother writing the rest of the constitution?  Why didn't they just have a one-sentence constitution?  I can see the document now ... big lettering ... "Government can do whatever it wants."  Why didn't they do that? Hmmmmm?

See, and jackasses like this are interested in justifying their theft of my liberty ... for my own good, of course.

To sum up, the constitution was written to protect your liberty and individual freedom by limiting the power of the federal government (so it wold not usurp the power of the states) ... and to prevent incursions on your liberty/freedom by the constantly shifting whims of your intellectual betters the "majority."

As an example of states rights, the good ol' people of California just voted to increase taxes.  And that's FINE, I love it.  But why did they do that?  Do you know anyone who WANTS to pay more money to the government?  

See, their government spent money with abandon ... they spend MUCH more than they took in.  And when governments do that, it all boils down to a tax on the people ... because eventually, the people will pay the debt ... and THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE A DEBT CEILING.  Think of a debt ceiling as a tax ceiling.  

And this is why I love the states/powers thing ... that way, dumbass hippies can't reach into my wallet, as they are SO prone to do.

Speaking of that, 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said on Wednesday that if the $16.394 trillion current legal limit on the federal government's debt must be raised in the next few months by another $2.4 trillion, “We’ll raise it."
In other words, we'll steal your money raise your taxes no matter WHAT you say ... you got me, asshats? Because you ran out of money before we finished giving your money to our friends, expanding government, buying votes and just generally having a blast ... cuz money is power, baby.

We won't actually say that though ... no ... instead we'll tell you it's to "save you."  Oh yes, you didn't know?  They've been saving your brains out for the last 20 years.  

Has the government passed a budget in the last three years? Answer: hell no, that might limit their spending ... and right now, they're drunk as hell with power and they're doing you gangnam style.

The Republicans are for a balanced-budget amendment to the constitution and the Democractics are fighting it.  Does that suggest anything to you?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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