Friday, October 12, 2012

Poor Greece, of all the rotten luck

Greece's biggest company is leaving the country, drinks bottler Coca Cola Hellenic (CCH) said on Thursday in announcing it will move to Switzerland and list its shares in London, dealing a blow to the debt-crippled Greek economy. 

"This transaction makes clear business sense," chief executive Dimitris Lois told analysts in a conference call. An overwhelming majority of shareholders have already accepted moving a company which has long complained about Greek taxes. 

Analyst Manos Hatzidakis of Beta Securities in Athens said that the move made sense for the firm, which follows Greek dairy group FAGE this month in seeking a low-tax, low-volatility haven for its corporate base — in FAGE's case Luxembourg. 

"Low volatility." In other words, "stop screwing around with the tax code, jackasses." 

Yes folks, businesses are tired of wondering what new method the geniuses in Washington will come up with next in order to separate the evil businesses from their profits.  "Will the government let the Bush tax cuts expire?" ... and on and on and on. 

Think about it, taxes are always up for discussion ... every gd day.  "What's the next thing we can tax?"  The government is constantly searching for new ways to steal your ducats.

What do we have, 80,000 pages of tax code? That's just out-gd-rageous and if you can't see that, then you're a moron.

I can tell you one thing, if I had responsibility for a large company, the LAST place I'd be is in the US ... the highest corporate taxes in the world.  And a nice high tax on bringing profits back in the US also.  That's right, after you pay taxes to the other country you might want to bring the money into the US but, no ... you'll be taxed again ... and at a ridiculous rate.  Yes, that'll teach them.

But Klown, the Republicans will lower them.

Perhaps, but there's no guarantee they'll stay low.  Congress never gets tired of tweaking and adjusting and it never gets better, only worse.  Oh yes, congress is teaching lessons and people are learning.

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