Sunday, October 21, 2012

Planned Parenthood Rally - Oh, it's soooo crucial

Cecile Richards speaks Sept. 6, 2012 during a Planned Parenthood rally in D.C. 
Credit: Michelle Bauman/ EWTN News.

I used to support "Planned Parenthood" without much question.

And then I realized something.  They support "Democratics."  I knew this already but I had always just sort of accepted the premise that they did so on principle.

And why ... why would they support Democratics?  I'm sure they'd tell you it's because "women's reproductive rights etc etc" (which I support) but when I saw this picture it hit me that "this is a huge, organized business."  And I got the feeling they were fighting for my tax money more than anything else.  And they're DAMN SERIOUS about it.

This reminds me of the fight about Sesame Street ... Big Bird, etc ... they all act like it's such a huge deal.  And there are people that will argue as if it's the end of the earth but ... no ... leave me and my money out of it, thank you.

All this is is the government handing out MY money (and power) to their friends.  That's it.  Republicans give money and power to some organizations and Democratics give to others ... and they fight amongst themselves to take money away from each other ... in the name of "religion" or "women's rights" etc ... it's disgusting.

That's right, instead of YOU donating your money to the charities you like, the government takes that money off you and the POLITICIANS give it to their favorite charities.  You know why?  Because they're smarter than you, that's why ... oh, and because they can buy more votes with that money ... AND, they can get jobs for their friends in these "needy charities" ... see?

More on their big rally here:

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