Thursday, October 4, 2012


Brian Williams, David Gregory, Savannah Guthrie (aka idiot liberals)

So  ... recently Romney was over heard saying that he realized that there are 47% of the people who probably won't vote for him.  We conservatives call that "acknowledging a fact."

Liberons Jourrrrrnalists have a different outlook on it though:

On NBC News’ live Wednesday night debate coverage a clearly upset David Gregory was shocked that Barack Obama didn’t hit Mitt Romney with the liberal media’s favorite talking point, as he whined: “He didn’t bring up the 47 percent!” 

Ohhhhhh, how disappointing, right, dumbass?
Obama not mentioning the hidden camera video of Romney talking about the 47 percent also stunned NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams who asked Savannah Guthrie: “Were you surprised we didn’t hear the number 47?”  More at Newsbusters:

Yes, the idiot-liberals are ALWAYS surprised by facts and logic.  It's as if they're pointing at Romney and saying "Look, look, instead of being politically correct, he acknowledged a fact ... he's a witch ... A WITCH."

And when we ask "why is he a witch for stating facts?" They just shake their heads and act as if you're too dumb to undercapisky them.

And that used to work for the libtards media  but its effectiveness seems to be waning ... and it couldn't go fast enough for me.

My guess is Obama did a very smart thing avoiding the topic.  I imagine Romney had a helluva zinger waiting if Obama had blurted (or blurts) some politically correct crapola about "the 47%."  
I doubt he will though because ... LOOK OUT MAN -- ROMNEY MIGHT FIRE ANOTHER FACT ... and those are so painful for the idiot-liberals.

Yes, painful ... have you noticed?  Liberals learn thru physical pain ... and long as the pain immediately follows their undesirable behavior.  In this way, libs are as smart as dogs. They don't learn from history or experience yet they don't go around sticking their fingers in light sockets.  This seems to be one of God's jokes on me.

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