Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey, HEY, don't jump to conclusions or use history and experience to make judgements

STANTON, Del. (AP) — Officials say a letter carrier attacked by dogs in Stanton has died.

Major Brian Whipple of the Kent County SPCA and state police said Thursday that 55-year-old Robert Rochester of New Castle died Wednesday night. Whipple said Rochester had been bitten in the attack by two dogs on Friday, and was treated and released at a hospital.

U.S. Postal Service spokesman Ray Daiutolo Sr. confirmed Rochester’s death, but did not provide more details, saying an investigation was continuing.

Troopers were called about 4:15 p.m. Friday and told that two dogs had attacked a mail carrier. 

When the trooper arrived on the scene, he saw two dogs attacking a smaller dog that was being walked by its owner.

The trooper fired his service weapon, injuring one of the dogs. From here:

I've noticed that whenever they leave essential facts such as the breed of the dog, they do it for a damn good reason (they don't want you to know which breed.)  Why?  Because you might understand perfectly misunderstand.

I mean, you might put facts together and form a conclusion ... and I'm sorry, but that's not within your purview.  WE'LL be telling you what to think ... don't try thinking on your own ... you idiot.

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