Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another business bludgeoned with the cudgel of poltical correctness

AFP - A sumptuous new French restaurant in Sydney said Wednesday it would remove two urinals designed to resemble a woman's lipsticked mouth, apologising for any offence they have caused. 

The Ananas Bar and Brasserie said the bright red-lipped urinals shaped like an open mouth were "a commonly used European design piece from female Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel". 

"We sincerely apologise if they have caused offence. They are being removed today," a spokeswoman said in a statement. 

The stylish restaurant opened three weeks ago, with the Sydney Morning Herald's food reviewer describing the urinals as "no real surprise here at Ananas, merely adding to the extraordinary collision of statements and intent". 

But feminist, former political adviser and writer Anne Summers said the design was offensive. "Misogyny is very widespread, and this is just an example of misogyny," said Summers. More whiny feminist bitching of the article here:

I love how fast these businesses fold under the slightest pressure of political correctness.  What would happen if people started fighting this crap?

This is why I'm going to start finding out which businesses in my area are owned by libs and then make sure I don't patronize them.  I plan on doing in in a very low-key way ... no big deal ... I'm just sick of these jackasses.

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