Saturday, August 18, 2012

Liberals have difficult time determining who was "at fault"

An 83-year-old woman is accused of spitting on a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during a political event in Wisconsin.

The alleged spitter, Mary Hoglund, had attended the Wisconsin Women for Mitt event in Grand Chute and asked the Republican hosts, “Why are you against Planned Parenthood?”

Hoglund continued, saying “women are in need ... you’re getting rid of an organization ...” but she was quickly cut off by the event’s leaders, state Sen. Alberta Darling and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and the Romney supporters on the floor.

One especially vocal Romney supporter, who also appears to be elderly, yells in Hoglund’s face to “wait” and “stop.” 

“Get out of my face,” Hoglund responds, and then follows up by spitting at the yelling woman. The spit-upon Romney supporter, who was not identified, then smacks Hoglund in the side of the face.

Hoglund was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, WTSP-TV reported. Unsurprisingly, reaction to who was at fault split along political lines. More here (with video.)

What is it with libs and spitting?  They spit on Vietnam veterans, they spit on the cops, they just spit with abandon.  I guess it's ok to spit on people who disagree with you and attempt to stop you when you attempt to filibuster in a loud obnoxious voice.

That's right .. show up at your political opponent's gathering and just take over.  And if they don't like it or if they give you any grief at all then spit in their face.  According to the objective media, the "fault" will be split along party lines.

Yes, that's right, this situation is just so ambiguous to leftist idiot-libs jourrrrnalists ... so hard to tell who was at fault ... a real mystery ... a judgement call.

And if I might get off track for a moment ... how is Mitt Romney going to "get rid" of planned parenthood?  

Aren't they a private organization?  Do they receive any of my tax money?  Because, if they do, I want to put a screeching halt to that crap.  If they don't get any of my money then I don't care what they do, as long as they aren't robbing other people .. you know ... like the government does.


Anonymous said...

Yes they do get tax money. To the tune of, I believe, over $400 million just this year.

scot said...

As our schools go broke here in California, the school district in which I teach English has seen fit to enact a state mandated "Bully Hotline" whereby anyone who thinks they are being "bullied" or sees "bullying" happening, may call some phone number and alert some anti-bully intervention team (I guess). Needless to say, watch for this new little program to grow into a self-serving bureaucracy able to suck more money from any cash heading toward my paycheck. No other group like teachers are able to bite themselves in the ass. We scream "more money" and then blow it on stupid new programs for illegals or, as in this case, bully prevention. I don't know what this has to do with this article, but I wanted to put it out here for the Klownman.

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