Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ingrates, Democratics, have a lot in common

AUGUST 8--A Florida man yesterday rubbed dog feces in his mother’s face during an argument in the home they share, police report.

Cops arrested William Jenkins, 22, on a felony domestic battery charge for pushing his mother, 53, to the floor during the dispute, according to a Palmetto Police Department report.

When questioned by cops, Jenkins denied pushing his mother, but admitted that he “did rub dog defecation on her face because she yelled at him,” investigators noted.

The confrontation between Jenkins, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, was apparently prompted by his mother’s refusal to provide him with a shot of vodka. 

Jenkins retrieved the dog feces from the home’s back porch, where his mother’s dog had relieved itself. He “then reached down with his hand picked up the dog defecation and rubbed it in his mother’s face,” cops reported. From The Smoking Gun

LOL -- he's 22, lives at home, supported by mommy ... and then gets ALL indignant when he doesn't get every little thing he wants.  Hey, mom, way to go ... way to raise a buttloaf according to the liberal idiocy known as "modern psychology." How did the dog shit taste?

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