Thursday, August 30, 2012

Genius discovers reason so many students are suspended - fixes problem

 Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Students may be catching a break if they misbehave in school. The rules surrounding suspensions in New York City schools are changing.

The changes to the discipline code should result in far fewer suspensions, CBS 2’s Vanessa Murdock reported Wednesday. 

*Nods head and thinks "teachable moment"*  Because all good idiot-liberals are constantly looking for the next teachable moment ... so they can start a lecture with a resounding chorus of "It's not about ______, it's about ______."  I tell ya, I never get tired of that.

“Our goal is to make sure the schools are providing a safe environment for our students, but also we just don’t push students out of the classroom where they’re not learning as well,” Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said.

What will be different? Well, for starters Walcott said cutting class and cursing will no longer be grounds for suspension.

Neither will smoking, something that left a few parents bewildered. More here:

Well, leave it to New York to implement one genius solution after another.  That's right ... after hundreds of years of history, "Chancellor" Walcott has determined that the problem is "too many rules."  

His superior brain deftly concluded that less rules will lead to less suspensions.  Such genius.  There it was ... right in front of our eyes and we all missed the obvious.  Thank GOD for people like "Chancellor" Walcott.

One thing he probably hasn't thought of ... a side benefit ... the trouble-maker kids will still be there in school ... keeping a threatening eye on those shady teachers.  I'm guessing that will be an additional helping influence on the other kids.  Wow, talk about your win-win-win situation!


A is A said...

You can't have a 20 oz soda, but you can smoke and curse in class. Just brilliant, these New Yorkers.

Onecos said...

You can have a 20 oz, Just not soda...

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