Thursday, July 12, 2012

Communing with nature unexpectedly goes awry

A man was killed by tigers at Copenhagen Zoo today after he scaled a fence and crossed a moat to gain access to the predators' enclosure.

The victim, who has been identified as a 20-year-old of Afghan descent living in Copenhagen, was savaged by three tigers after he broke into the zoo in the Danish capital in the early hours.

He was found dead surrounded by the Siberian tigers when staff arrived for work.

Further down in the article there was this:

According to Danish media the young man lived alone in a flat near his family in central Copenhagen and was just about to finish high school.

Yes, 20 years old and damn near finished with high school.   I wonder if his name was "Jethro."

And finally, at the end of the article, the zoo's chief executive verbally slaps the crap out of a lib reporter.

Steffen Straede, the zoo's chief executive, said psychologists have been called to talk to staff who found the body. 

He added that this is the first incident of its kind in the zoo's 152-year history and that he has no plans to review security. He said: 'If a person really wants to get in there, we cannot prevent it from happening.' More here:

Yes, he just "added" that they aren't going to review security.  I'm sure the jourrrrrnalist didn't ask him about it.  One thing I've learned about idiot-libs ... they' ll spend any sum (of other people's money) to ensure "something like this never happens again!"

Anyway, this verbal slam probably shocked the lib senseless due to the powerful lib-repellant (common sense.)  When you use common sense on a lib it's like speaking to them in a foreign language ... they just don't capisky.  You really need to communicate with them better by using their innate language.  Just look at them and say "Hee haw -- hee haw."

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WOMBAT said...

If this were a story in America, the journalists would have pegged him for an Honor Student or at the very least, an aspiring rapper.

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