Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dumbass gets geography lesson -- then jail

A former military policeman is facing a federal narcotics rap after he allegedly sought to smuggle several pounds of methamphetamine to Japan in the form of 45 Snickers bars.

Rogelio Harris, 34, was arrested Friday afternoon at Los Angeles International Airport after federal agents discovered the narcotics in his suitcase during a “border search,” according to a felony criminal complaint. Traveling alone, Harris was headed to Tokyo on a Delta Airlines flight (and scheduled to return to L.A. three days later).

One of the seized Snickers bars is pictured in the above U.S. Customs and Border Protection evidence photo (click to enlarge).

Federal agents found the meth-filled candy bars inside a “box with a design printed on the outside suggesting that it contained Snickers candy bars.” When investigators unwrapped one of Snickers bars, they determined that the meth “was actually wrapped inside clear cellophane, which was itself coated in a chocolate-like substance so as to make the contents of the package appear to be a real candy bar.”

There was no tasty nougat, caramel, or peanuts to be found anywhere.

During questioning, Harris told agents that he last year received an “other than honorable discharge” from the Navy after testing positive for marijuana use. He claimed to be “traveling to Japan to visit his girlfriend, who lived in Hong Kong,” according to the felony complaint. When an investigator explained that Hong Kong and Japan were separate countries, Harris replied, “They are?” More here:

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Onecos said...

Gotta watch out for those former military folks. Especially former Marines.

scot said...

Hong Kong, Japan, China... All the same thing. Kind of like trying to differentiate midgets from dwarves.

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