Thursday, June 28, 2012

Women's tennis ... grunting a HUGE problem ... apparently

I never watch tennis but I saw this headline about banning grunting.  Since I didn't want to to miss a good grunt-ban argument, I clicked on over.

I read the story and I must have missed the important parts because I didn't see where the reporter drew out the important information.  I was left thinking "huh?"  Anyway, the story begins thusly:

A plan to crack down on ultra-loud grunting in women’s tennis has been “unanimously green-lighted” by the WTA players’ council, representatives from all four majors and the International Tennis Federation, according to USA Today.

“It’s time for us to drive excessive grunting out of the game for future generations,” WTA CEO Stacey Allaster told the publication. More here:

The first thing I thought  of was "libs LOVE 'cracking down' on things."  However, they never "crack down" on truly annoying or rude things, no, they're always cracking down on things that don't affect them ... like whether I'm going to eat some salt or get a 17-ounce soda.  I conclude these people aren't libs ... but I could be wrong, I didn't exactly do a ton of research before making this post.

Anyway, here's a sample of the "grunting." FYI - I understand there are also "screamers" which will be dealt with under this same rule.

I mean, I can assume for myself that grunting when hitting a tennis ball would be annoying to the non-grunting public (or opponent.) Assuming it IS annoying to the public then it would probably affect the organization's ability to sell tickets to the matches. Regardless, it is the organization's right to make any rules it likes, period. 

Anyway, I was reading the comments on the story when I ran across "Thor." He makes the following observation: 

Grunting not required to hit small objects, i.e, tennis balls, shuttlecocks, racket balls, ping pong balls, pool balls, yet Thor see women do this too. Grunting only allowed to hit big objects like Thor's 300lb lineman brother, and Thor's wife, Bertha.

Thor say women are drama queens. No can help. Thor hope congress not get involved.

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