Wednesday, June 20, 2012

United Nations (against America)

United Nations Development Programme head Helen Clark told AFP in an interview: “So the issue is how to get human development that will see it continue to rise for the world’s poorest people and people in developing countries. Because frankly human development in the West – we don’t need more cars, more TV, whatever. Our needs are by and large satisfied, although the recession has put a lot of strains on that.” 

Clark, the former prime minister of New Zealand, also stressed the responsibility of richer countries to reduce their environmental footprint: "There is, in my opinion, a very heavy responsibility on the countries of the north to look at how they sustain their living standards with a much lower environmental footprint."

She warned of social and environmental chaos if governments failed to act: “The toxic combination of falling incomes, social unrest and environmental degradation. This is reality. We have got a common problem here. We need to have a shared vision of how to tackle it. We are heading for chaos if we don’t tackle these issues.” More here:

Gotta love that ... "western nations don't need more cars, tv's, whatever ..."

A United Nations official said it so it MUST be true.  And you already know how honest and forthright the United Nations is ... and how it only exists to siphon money from the United States for the benefit of mankind.  

The part I like best is how the United Nations is always scheming on how to take money from the Unites States taxpayer.  That's all it does.  First we pay our tax money to fund this big pile of shit and all it does is think of new ways to justify taking more of our money.  And usually they justify it by saying we OWE it to the world because blah, blah, blah.

It's funny how people and organizations can have similar traits.  For example, the UN reminds me of a spoiled brat teenager.  How many spoiled brat teenagers kill their parents?  And you know WHY spoiled brats kill their parents?  Because the brats figured they were OWED something.  That's right ... the brat's parents don't need more cars or tv's, instead they need to give the money to the brat, right?  Yes, the brat will spend it wisely.

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