Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court sees through Obama on healthcare

That's right folks.  Even though Obama and ALL his minions said REPEATEDLY that 'this is not a tax' the Supreme Court knew better and declared the law constitutional based on congress' power to tax.

Chief Justice Roberts declared "it is not the job of SCOTUS to protect the people from their own idiocy political decisions."

So now the government can compel/force you to buy a product.  And if they can do that, is there ANYTHING left they cannot force you to do? 

"But Klown, they can't force to you be a slave."

Au Contriare mon frere.  If you work for your money and they can force you to spend your money against your will then you are a slave ...  they have stolen your labor ... to what degree is debatable but you are a slave.

Meanwhile, what about this "not our job to protect you ..." crap sandwich from Roberts.  Hey, Roberts, bottom line ... you let them steal my gd money/labor/liberty.  I won't forget it.

There is only one thing to do ... increase resolve, get off our asses and get more involved in the political process ... and contribute to the long and gradual change back to freedom.

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