Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama thinks his job is managing the economy

TAMPA, Fla., June 22 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama told a campaign rally in Florida Friday the country needs "some middle class-out economics, some bottom-up economics." More here:

Hey, dipshit, let me clue you in.  The government needs to stop meddling in "the economy."  JUST STOP!!!  I want all you geniuses in Washington to roll your intellect up into a bumpy ball and cram it up your ass.

Who in the hell gave you permission to experiment with "the economy?"  Is that one of the enumerated powers in the constitution? 

The government has no business screwing around with "the economy."  Why don't you stop manipulating "the economy" with your idiotic tax code (and ridiculous "regulations") , and instead, simplify the tax code for the people?  I just can't imagine ... 536 morons in Washington DC think their job ought to be managing the economy.

Meanwhile, what about protecting the borders?  That's in the constitution ... are they doing that?

What about providing a stable currency?  That's in the constitution ... are they doing that?  Or are they printing money out of thin air and buying our own debt with it?  Nothing can go wrong there, right?

What about protecting my  freedom?  Are they doing that?  Or are they stealing more of it every day? (Under the guise of helping me, of course ... it's for my own good, right?)

The government has meddled in, and screwed around with, "the economy" so much that it's  almost impossible to unravel their mischief.  Who could have EVER predicted it would go this far?  Ohhhhh, woe is us.

I think we need to simplify the tax code (Fair Tax,) slash regulations, and slash the size and scope of the federal government by about 25%-40%.  THEN you'd see some action in 'the economy."

Until we start electing people who understand that, we'll all be slaving and paying.

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