Monday, May 7, 2012

Ruthless electricity claims another victim

SAN BERNARDINO (CBS) — A would-be copper thief was gravely injured early Saturday morning when he attempted to steal copper wiring from a live Edison vault, according to authorities.

Witnesses told CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Melissa Maynarich that the man could be heard screaming in agony.

Jeff Grammatico was across the street from the substation when he said, “I heard a boom.” He added, “It made me jump from one side of the room to the other.”

He ran to the fence and saw a man burning alive. “It was scary. I was trying to cut the gate to get in. It was horrifying to watch him burn.”

Grammatico says he ran back to his home to get a fire extinguisher while another passerby called 911.

“He kept standing and screaming, screaming, screaming. And I couldn’t get in. I had a fire extinguisher. But he wouldn’t come over. But he started to roll.”

Officials say the suspect is “extremely grave” and that it’s likely he was burned by 33,000 volts of electricity. More at cbslocal:

The Klown always feels sorry for the poor victims of ruthless electricity. There probably weren't enough 'danger" signs posted and this is what resulted in this most unfortunate "accidink."  He should probably sue and collect his just compensation from the town rubes.


ragweed said...

I will bet some attorney has already contacted him to start the proceedings

scot said...

Instead of running to get an extinguisher, he should have fashioned an impromptu booth and tent and sold tickets. I would gladly have paid to watch this moron "screaming, screaming, screaming". That would have been fun. I'd have enjoyed that a lot,

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