Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Libs -- busy with the banning

This month, the Los Angeles city council is expected to ban single-use plastic bags. “[T]he ban is an attempt by the city to reduce litter,” says the Los Angeles Daily News. But it is likely to reduce something else: jobs.

 “[A] city ban could prompt the layoff of between 20 and 130 employees” at Crown Poly, a plastic bag manufacturer in L.A., according to the Los Angeles Times. Hundreds more could be at risk in the city. More (with video) at the Weekly Standard:

"Single use" plastic bags.  Right, because nobody uses these for anything else - like lining the trash cans in bathrooms etc. Nope, now you get to PAY for small can liners.  I guess they can't be recycled either, right?  

Does this mean we get to start cutting down trees now so we can make paper bags?  No?  What about paper bags ... do they make litter?  Such powerful reasoning ... great thinkers.

THEY'RE BANNED -- LMAO -- Keep voting for idiot libs Democratics.  And go pay for some "reusable grocery bags."  Hey, it's for your own good, jackass.

And finally, how long do you think that Crown Poly will keep their business based in Los Angeles?  If they don't move their company, they'll get exactly what they deserve from the idiot-liberals tyrants.


scot said...

They did the same thing here in Mendocino. Saved us from ourselves bigtime. The things were piling up against houses and fences and shrubbery like Oklahoma dust dunes. Wild creatures were eating them for grass and whales were sucking them into their blowholes. Well, actually not. If you walked around anywhere for several hours you'd have had trouble even finding one, but it still made us feel better to ban them. We called them "single use" bags, but in reality everyone we knew used them for a multitude of tasks after their designed purpose or actually recycled them in the large bins the markets had at entry. But it made us feel better and now we get to charge a mandatory ten cents for every paper bag used at a checkout. Or you can buy one of our cloth ones and reuse it if you remember to bring it every time you go to the store but you won't so you will buy another at checkout until your house is filled with the fucking cloth things that you forget about until you go to the store and get to checkout and have to wait even longer in line for the people in front of you to get out and unfold and fill their little cloth bags which aren't convenient at all and are a pain in the ass to fill and make checkout twice as long as it used to be. But we feel better about ourselves and can say we are a green community in consuming now, too, after we ran all logging and other industry out of here in trade for pot farming and meth labs.

Onecos said...

First time I ran into the plastic bag ban was in Washington DC. I bought a sandwich and a soda and the clerk just left them on the counter. I asked for a bag and that was the wrong thing to request. After the clerk's diatribe I felt guilty. Now they're doing this here at home. I think Maui has already passed the law and Honolulu is working on it. During my recent Japan vacation I questioned the practice in Hiroshima. There is no law, however, the stores charge 5 yen for bags if you don't bring your own. I looked around to see if bags were discarded creating an environmental problem. I didn't see any. Guess it's the ugly american that can't throw away rubbish. I'm convinced it's all economic. Just another way to get 5 cents out of the consumer.

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