Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I didn't know Bob Dylan was blind


So the presidink was recently handing out the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" to every communist dumbass-liberal with excess toe-jam and I noticed something ... after all these years I didn't realize Bob Dylan was blind (which explains his dark sunglasses in the White House.)

By comparison of the recipients I concluded they have much in common with recipients of Nobel prizes.  All liberal geniuses ... you know ... as it SHOULD be. 

Who were the other honorees ... besides the brave & blind Bob Dylan? 

Here's one ...  Dolores Huerta.  Hmmmm, and who is she? Dolores Huerta is an Honorary Chair of Democratic Socialists of America ... among other similar endeavors.

You can read more here:


scot said...

I was wondering if he handed out any awards to conservatives but the half the people I'd never even heard of and didn't feel like looking them up. And I haven't been able to post here for awhile. Your post thing keeps ignoring my "publish". I thought maybe I was being censored for my biting wit.

Evil_Klown said...

Nope, so far we haven't censored for biting wit.

WOMBAT said...

Scot- your comments were being auto-deleted by Blogger's spam protection. We've since fixed the problem. You know- once Klown realized it said "not spam" instead of "hot spam".

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