Tuesday, May 1, 2012

For Scot, or, Why of All the Rotten Luck.

I agree with Scot and his comment, "Who reads the fucking article when "Berkeley Bicyclist Hit by Car" is on the top of the video thing? I don't care about bicyclists. I don't care who did it or where it occurred or if the guy lived. I just want to see someone on a bike get hit by a car. To make me wait into my old age to see it is criminal. To expect me to digest some stupid text telling me how far up to move the video thing to see the good part is moreso." [sic] And on that note, some good clean fun at the expense of others. And by "others", I mean "idiots".


And if that wasn't enough. Here's a video more on point with what Scot's looking for. No need to cue up to the action either. Evidently, these were bicyclist protestors making their point by tying up traffic. Their movement is known as "Critical Mass". It's probably just a coincidence that their philosophy is in line with Fascism which believes in "strength in numbers". Sometimes, numbers are not enough- you also need strength. When you're jamming your rights down the throats of others, that is.

Their plan held together right up until someone got tired of having his rights infringed upon.

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scot said...

Klownman is now my hero. Klownman rocks. I was just getting ready to get pissed off because I realized that suffering through all the May Day crap was just a warmup for all the Cinco de Maya crap about to assault my intolerance, when I came here and saw an entry dedicated to me. Now I am happy. I could watch these videos all night. That lone protester of critical mass just took it upon himself to do what most of us feel like doing but are too afraid of the consequences. He is a hero. But not as big of one as Klownman. Did I mention that Klownman rocks? Now, I am going to watch people get hurt on bikes, again.

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