Sunday, April 29, 2012

You have to wonder what this guy was thinking

(CBS News) BERKELEY, Calif. - Police have arrested an Oakland man who allegedly hit two bicyclists with his car and then fled - an incident caught on video by one of the cyclist's bike-mounted camera.

The hit-and-run occurred around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday on Tunnel Road in Berkeley, where the bicyclists were traveling east and were struck by a car traveling in the same direction, according to police.

One of the cyclists had a camera mounted on his handlebars. The video, posted on YouTube by brunogfmtube, shows a black car veer into both bicyclists at about the 2:40 mark.

The video had more than 100,000 views on YouTube as of Saturday morning.

According to CBS Station KPIX, Police Capt. Andrew Greenwood said the driver of the black vehicle did not stop afterward, as is required by law, so police treated it as a hit-and-run.

The riders, both of whom were wearing helmets, had abrasions from hitting the road but did not require hospitalization, according to Greenwood.

After the incident Wednesday, the suspect, Michael Medaglia, reported to the Oakland Police Department that his car had been stolen. A police alert was placed on the car.

Ohhhhh, stolen .... what a coinkydink. Well, just explain it to the cops, they'll understand.

KPIX reports that Oakland police found the vehicle Friday morning and alerted the Berkeley Police Department. After an examination of the vehicle, Berkeley police were led to Jack London Inn in Oakland, where officers contacted Medaglia late Friday afternoon.

He was arrested on suspicion of possession of heroin, felon in possession of ammunition, violation of probation and felony hit-and-run. From CBS News:

Dang.   Looks like they didna "understand."

Look, I hate self-important finheads/cyclists as much as the next guy but these guys were in the bike lane.  They weren't out inflicting themselves on the general populace and trying to be a pain in the ass ... you know ... like your normal finhead.


scot said...

The bigger crime was making me wait 18 days for the video's good part. I hate these kind of videos. Just show me the wreck. What's with a decade of PeeWee's big adventure?

Evil_Klown said...

Well, Scot, I don't know what to tell you. Right in the article it mentions "the 2:40 mark."

I don't know about you but I started the video and then dragged the slider to 2:30.

scot said...

Who reads the fucking article when "Berkeley Bicyclist Hit by Car" is on the top of the video thing? I don't care about bicyclists. I don't care who did it or where it occurred or if the guy lived. I just want to see someone on a bike get hit by a car. To make me wait into my old age to see it is criminal. To expect me to digest some stupid text telling me how far up to move the video thing to see the good part is moreso.

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