Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We can't get enough of this Columbian prostitute story

The Colombian prostitutes entangled in the Secret Service sex scandal could have been Russian spies, Sen. Chuck Grassley suggested Tuesday.

“We’re looking at something that is very, very serious when national security might not be protected properly,” Grassley told Radio Iowa. “Who knows who might be using prostitutes? The Russians are famous for that to get information out of us.” More at Politico:

Shut up, Grassley ... with your stupid-ass made up scenario.  As if the "bad guys" can't find out where the presidink is going at any given time without hiring spy-prostitutes in Columbia ... idiot.

I don't know about you but I didn't care about this "story" when it first came out.  And yet the media has decided I SHOULD care because day after day they're harping on it.

Oh yes ... such a big deal ... men go out of town on business and get prostitutes ... "well, this is something new, we better get to the bottom of this right away .... and while we're inserting our extra long noses, let's all cluck like chickens sweat bullets about it, shall we?"  I guess the media figures this could never be dealt with properly unless they harp on it until lots of people get fired.

I wish that every jourrrrnalist who ever had "inappropriate sex" would be fired right now, don't you?  That's right ... and have their careers ruined for life.  THAT would be sweet.

And, as always, there's the idiot partisans.  Here's what they do.  First they get a very serious look on their face.  Second they come up with the flimsiest-ass excuse about why you SHOULD be angry at dems/repubs concerned with this "story."  Usually the excuse is so flimsy you don't even want to question it because you feel you might embarrass the moron. (Luckily, you quickly remember that libs cannot be embarrassed.)

However, in this case, the idiot partisan is a Republican.  I guess both parties (and the media) have decided to go ahead and stoop as low as possible, all the time.  You know, because that will keep us distracted from them stealing our money and our liberty as they burp out our marching orders  at ten thousand pages a day ... jackasses.

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ragweed said...

and who would know better than our congressmen about that subject.

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