Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stupid republican drops f-bomb on live tv

LOL.  What a dumb republican.  Now the lefties are going to be screaming bloody murder and calling for his resignation ... right?

Now, if this had been a lefty, there would be no outrage at all ... none.  You know why?  Because republicans don't raise hell over issues like this.  We're more worried about the idiot-libs democratics going through our economy like a liberal through tax money.

There's more interesting tidbits to their conversation in a transcript here:

WOMBAT here. There's a bit more to the story...
In a blooper that is as hilarious as it increasingly becomes painful, it slowly dawns on Beckel what actually happened, as Hannity insists he apologize and Beckel, after saying he won’t several times, finally realizes the cameras are actually rolling. When he finally figured it out, he told Hannity to “run your show better,” then covered his head in shame and refused to speak, other than to say “I’m going to be fired.”
 The complete video (including parts omitted above):

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ragweed said...

It could have been Bush's fault?

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